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Do dreams come true? I’m here to prove to you that yes, they do!!! Since a long, long time ago I started to have this small fire burning in my heart to get out there and start helping other photographers grow their business. I doubted myself multiple times and tried to hide behind the fact […]

Would you believe me if I told you that the images below were all taken while using ON-CAMERA flash?   You heard it right, I used on-camera flash to take these photos and they still look soft, beautiful and just as if I  was using only natural light. Flash used to scare me, like reaaaaally […]

You have probably heard the term “bridezilla”. You know, that not too sweet way to refer to brides that act a little… crazy on their wedding day (or during wedding planning). Recently people have been asking me a lot about my stories with bridezillas. The question “have you had any crazy brides yet?” Has been […]

It’s wedding season and to say that I’m excited about my 2019 season is an understatement… But with all the excitement and the rush of adrenaline a wedding day brings to me, it also brings me the responsibility of capturing the most important day in the lives of a couple, and I don’t take this […]

We are all different, and that difference is what will attract or repel clients. When rebranding my business, I learned that whenever I posted personal photos my audience grew. That was a confirmation to me that I am my brand, I am what makes my business different from another. The deal breaker when booking a […]

Last Sunday, April 28th 2019, is a day that I will not soon forget. That was the day I, together with my friend Ashley from RSVP Love, hosted our very first workshop: Beauty In The Details!!! We dreamed about this day for a long time, actually even before we met. Ashley and I are so […]

Hi there, friends! Every time I take photos my main goal is to get it right on camera as much as possible. I really don’t like editing and the thought of spending hours behind the computer trying to fix an image  has pushed me to learn and practice techniques that will allow me to edit […]

Hi there, friends! After receiving so many messages asking what gear I use, what lens is my favorite, I decided to create this blog post for you. Instead of just listing my gear, I will also tell you how I use my equipment when I am shooting. Hope this helps! Camera Bodies I have 2 […]

Hi there, friends! Today I want to share with you 5 tips to help you with styling details and the invitation suite, on a wedding day. 1.Gather some basic information A few weeks before every wedding I send my brides a questionnaire that will help me to understand her vision and the plan for the […]