Editing Video Class

I know the frustration my friend, because that was me too!

I spent years in desperation trying to find a miracle preset to help me create a beautiful and consistent portfolio and speed up my workflow (because let's be honest - editing is most likely your least favorite thing to do).

The honest truth is: I wasted money and time trying to look for the perfect present instead of looking within and learning how I could improve my editing skills and create my own presets.

After meeting nothing but frustration, I decided to learn Lightroom and Photoshop so I could finally achieve the light & airy look I love and still keep them true to color. And I'm so glad I did…

Are you ready to stop wasting money and start ditching the search for the perfect preset? Ready to learn how to take control back in your editing and still keep consistency and speed in your editing workflow?

If you said yes, I have just what you need!

Grab my Editing Video Class today and  learn  how to:

- Create & Backup Catalogs in Lightroom
- Create Smart Previews
- Import and Export your Images
- Edit Indoor & Outdoor Images
- Fix Overexposed and Underexposed images
- Edit in Black & White
- Fix Color Casts & White Balance Issues
- Edit Beautiful and Natural Skin Tones
- Create your Own Presets and Adjustment Brushes
- Modify Existing Presets
- Remove Chromatic Aberration from Images
- Crop & Straighten up Images to Make them Look More High-end 

Tired of spending hundreds of dollars on presets in the hopes they will speed up your editing process and create consistency in your work, just to get frustrated, because they look nothing like the work you want to produce?

What's included:

- 2.5 hours of video class
- Editing demo of 31 images shot in different locations and conditions
- Lightroom Overview: Learn what each panel and slider do
- How I organize my files
- How to create virtual copies so you can deliver 2 versions of an image
- How to create your own preset & adjustment brushes


- BONUS: 10 of my very own Speed Up Presets
- A demo on how to use Photoshop integrated with Lightroom
- How to better remove distractions using Photoshop
- How to export and save your final files

Ready to learn exactly what you need to edit images you're proud of?
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