Questionnaire template Collection

Ugly and long Gmail messages, all the back and forth, lost details in between. And sometimes you don't even realize you need to ask just one more question… But it's now late at night and you can't finish that timeline until you hear back from your bride.

Does that sound familiar?

You're ready to get in the driver's seat and take control of your clients communication system! Start anticipating your brides needs by asking them the right questions throughout the planning months!

With my proven Questionnaire Template Collection you can do just that! 

Since I started my business I've been collecting what are the right questions to ask brides. And now you can use them too! You'll be able to: 

- Serve your couples better
- Speed up your workflow and gain back some free time
- Anticipate your brides's needs and educate them through the process
- Write beautiful blog posts that will make couples want to share

I've been using and improving these questionnaire templates for several years now and the answers I get from my brides are just what I need to create the perfect client experience for them!

Tired of having to email your brides again and again to ask specific questions about them and their wedding planning so you can get work done?

What's included:

- Immediate access to a 14 page digital download guide 
- A Planning For Success resource page to help you get-it-done! 
- Support videos showing you the "why" behind each question, how to implement each questionnaire template and how you can easily enhance and make them your own
- Four questionnaire templates with several specific questions for your bride, including:

Welcome Questionnaire
Wedding Day Questionnaire
Miller's Lab Album Questionnaire
Kiss Books Album Questionnaire


- A Free download and sample of my own Client Album Guide 
- Demo video on how to implement the questionnaires on HoneyBook
- Demo video on how to implement the questionnaires using a free Google resource
- 2 surprise coupon codes 

This is not just another product you'll spend money on and never get the work done, I promise! I'll guide you through each template so you can implement them and start WOWing your clients immediately!

Ready to take your business to the next level? Get your Questionnaire Template Collection now!