I am a believer! If I could describe myself with one word, that would be it. I am a faith guided woman, who refuses to see the worst in the world. I believe in strong relationships and second (and third) chances. I am an enthusiastic person who dreams high and believe that I can (and will) live them all.

I am Brazilian, married to a (very cute) American guy, Greg. We have been married for almost 7 years and have been recently blessed with our miracle baby boy, Theo! We are also "parents" to a furry baby, a 8.5lb mix of a chihuahua & poodle who really thinks he is the king of the house... well, we empowered him by naming him Arthur!

I love singing (Karaoke included lol), musicals, going to the theatres, watching TV and a good meal. I like the fashion world, even though I do not follow its tendencies - please do not be surprised if you see me at Giant with my hair up, no make up on and wearing yoga pants! 

I love summer and wish I could hibernate October through May... Or just travel to my hometown (Rio de Janiero), sit by the beach and sip on coconut water all day long. Well, by this sentence alone you can really tell I am also dreamer...

I love traveling, arts, cultures and languages. I love meeting new people and new restaurants. I love pastel tones and, as my husband says, “blah” colors. I love my family, friends and everything with dulce de leche.

I love. I believe. I dream. That’s me...



a few of my favorite things

our miracle baby

Greg and I met at a young adult group at church. As soon as I saw him I thought he was the most handsome guy there, but I wasn't sure he was the guy for me... until I really met him! Greg is one of the most genuine and "big hearted" guys I know. He is always there for his family and friends, and his handsome face is a big plus! I think the "A-ha" moment for me was when I saw him with his Mommom... so gentle and kind! That moment I knew he was the one for me.  How not to fall in love with him after I saw all that, right?

genuine. GIVING. handsome

greg tomlinson


meet arthur

After over 5 years of infertility our miracle baby is finally here! I still can't believe I am a mommy and get to see his precious face every single day! 
We chose his name because of its meaning: Gift of God! Could it be more appropriate? His nickname is Theo and he is very smiley and easygoing!!!

"gift of God"


our little miracle




After a few years of being just the two of us, during a very hard moment in our lives, Arthur come to us. We were visiting a breeder never thinking about getting a dog, but once I saw that little black ball of fur with the cutest eyes ever, I was not able to walk away empty handed. We bought Arthur knowing nothing about his breed (Chipoo - Chihuahua poodle mix), but up until this day he was the best purchase EVER! He is so full of life and very loving... He came to bring joy to our family! We may or may not spoil him a bit, so he thinks he is the king of the house. Well, we did name him Arthur after all!

energetic. loving. the king


our furry son


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