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a 6 week group coaching for wedding photographers who are ready to raise their PRICES without being ghosted

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Let's uplift your Art and Wedding Photography Business so you can raise your prices -
In 6 short weeks!


Abundant      life


It was the most informative and enjoyable time I have ever had with a business coach! She was genuinely interested in my business and helped me to figure out realistic goals and time frames to accomplish them."

— Nicole, CA

“She held nothing back! 

stop wishing, start booking high-paying brides

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My action-focused 6-week signature program that will lead you through the entire wedding experience, from inquiry to delivery, with a sprinkle of marketing in between. 

Without overcomplicating the business or the creative side, I'll explain the step-by-step steps I took to elevate my work, charge more and live an abundant life. 


We'll dig deep into your goals, hopes, and dreams. We'll identify where you are, where you want to go, and most importantly, the steps to get there with time management strategies.

We'll spend weeks 2 and 3 on this topic. We'll work on what makes a photograph strong, and appealing. What luxury brides are looking for and how to hook them with your images.

I'll show you how to elevate your engagement session photos, and we'll do the same going through every single step of a wedding day, from styling the details to the exit shots.

You'll Learn

The biggest secret to success: A well crafted Business Plan + The mindset for success

Elevate Your Art 



This is when we'll talk business. We'll create a business plan for you, including pricing, packages, website, CRM, consistency, selling products and hours, timelines, etc.

Elevate Your Business


This week will be dedicated to learning how to wow your clients: from the moment they find you - to the moment you deliver their final image (and beyond… because we want them back!)

Elevate Your Client Experience



We'll close our time together equipping you with the marketing strategies you need to stop going after your dream clients. By then, you'll know how to effectively attract them to you. 

Elevate Your Marketing

WEEK six

Elevate your images by knowing exactly what luxury brides are looking for.

How does this sound?

Replace your 9-5 income and make more in a month than ever before.



the results you're going to get:

Fill your calendar with your dream brides that make your heart happy.


Kick that imposter syndrome and self doubt in the booty and feel confident.


Raise your prices with confidence and start living an abundant life.


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How It Works

All applications will be reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. Only 6 spots available to keep the intimacy of the group.

First apply

We'll schedule a facetime call to discuss your needs and make sure elevate is for you. We'll also discuss pricing and the best payment option for you.

if accepted

"She explains everything in a way that makes it easy to grasp right away. I feel more confident than ever because of what I have learned." 

- Megan

from past students


"I can't find words to adequately express my appreciation for Juliana. She truly cares and it’s evident in the work she puts into the coaching calls."

- Betsy

from past students


So let's make it happen

A year from now you'll  wish you started today...

- 60-minute 1:1 portfolio review - Value $497

- 45-minute 1:1 follow-up coaching call - Value $597

- 2 group office hours per week 

You will also receive:





This is your day. This is the time to go after it all.

She is genuinely interested in your goals and helping you succeed."

— Cori, MD

"Juliana is a wealth of knowledge.



— Christella, Australia

"I highly recommend her coaching program 



if you want guidance getting to the next level!"

— miranda, PA

"She truly wants you to succeed 



Love love love working with Juliana! She is so sweet and authentic. 10/10- you have to work with her!"

I'm Juliana.

I help photographers to elevate their work, charge more, so they can live an abundant life.

I am a wedding photographer with a degree in Journalism, TV & Studio Production. In the past 10 years, I've been growing my business while studying under powerhouse names in the industry.

But in the beginning of 2021, I hit a massive wall and couldn't grow my business any further than what I've done up to that point. 

hey there!

I was finally charging $4k per wedding, but I couldn't figure out how to grow from there. I used to dream about the day I could charge $6k for a wedding. But I couldn't find the bridge to lead me there. 

I was ready to put the work in. I was not ready to settle!

My drive to find answers led me to find a huge gap in the industry. I was faced with countless offers for beginners and some for well-established wedding photographers. But nothing for my situation precisely.

And I was there… in that gap, in the middle, with no resource widely available to help me raise my prices without getting ghosted. 

I hired extremely expensive mentors. I hired experts. I researched like crazy, determined to find out why some photographers can charge $10k+ per wedding while I was stuck in my old ways. 

Until it clicked. I finally uncovered the answers I needed!

I felt stuck in the middle 

i booked my first $10k+ wedding

i started shooting  at my dream venues

expanded my offerings to France

I almost quadrupled my top collection in less than 2 years! 

And doubled my average collection!

I want to do the same for you. I want to show you the way.

During my journey, I learned that there are many other creatives stuck where I was a few years ago.

Buried in fear, feeling alone trying to grow, desperately investing several hundred dollars in courses without the results they want: book their dream brides and charge more!

That's why I decided to create Elevate!

i'm ready to apply

My action-focused signature program will lead you through the entire wedding experience, from inquiry to delivery, with a sprinkle of marketing in between. 

Without overcomplicating the business and creative side, I'll explain the step-by-step I took to elevate my work, charge more and live an abundant life. 

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This     for you if:

YOu feel stuck and can't figure out how to grow from here

You're are a BEGINNER

you Already shoot weddings and have some EXPERIENCE in the industry
(No matter your style)


you're ready to do the work, elevate your images and raise your price

It's probably       for you if...

YOU'RE are comfortable with your price,  art and business



It's probably
for you if...

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If you are ready to elevate your work, charge more, and live an abundant life, click the link below and apply now.

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