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You chose your wedding photographer and now you need to decide which package is the right one for you. “Album or no album, that is the question”! This week I am sharing with you 3 reasons why you should opt for a package with a wedding album. Oh, and I am including a fourth reason […]

If you are not one of the ‘lucky ones’ that live where the sun not only shines throughout the entire year but it also keep you warm, this blog post is for you! For us who live in cold places where the winter can be brutal, we tend to hibernate (or want to) and resume […]

Today I want to talk with my beautiful brides. So, this is something I get asked quite a lot… Juliana, what should I wear for my engagement session? Sometimes my couples get a little bit nervous about their up coming session and get hung up on what to wear and how to coordinate their outfits […]

You’ve dreamed and planned about the day you would put on THE white dress. Your wedding day is finally around the corner and all you can think about is wearing your beautiful bridal gown and saying yes to the love of your life. As a wedding photographer my goal is not only to register my […]

WOW, November has come and gone, and in the blink of an eye, it’s over! I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner!!! But before you get into Christmas mode and put your wedding planning notebook aside for the holidays, I want to share one more tip to help your planning. This week I […]

Hello friends, This week on our NoVendor series I had the pleasure of interviewing Kirstin Headland from Simply Elegant Affairs, a local wedding coordinator! I know many brides-to-be have this question: Do I need a wedding coordinator? Can I plan my wedding on my own? Well, below Kirsten is helping us to understand the different […]

Hello beautiful bride-to-be! You said yes to the man of your dreams and now that you have told the world about your engagement and celebrated with your family and friends, is time to plan your dream wedding day! Planning a wedding can be very stressful, but it really should be! The secret is to get […]