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Juliana Tomlinson


March 17, 2020


5 Tips to help photographers stay afloat during the outbreak of the Coronavirus

I know we’re facing some hard times and thinking about the future right now can be overwhelming. 

I encourage you to take one day at a time and try, even when it’s hard, to use these self quarantine days to improve yourself and your business. 

Photography business during coronavirus outbreak

Here are a few things you can do in the next few days:

1. Revamp your website.

 This is your “office”, where your customers first visit your business. 

  • Rewrite the copy by using some copywriting basics to help you stand out, hook your clients and sell without being ‘salesy’. 
  • Replace old images with new updated ones. Think about the clients you want to reach in the future and choose images that will speak to them. 
  • Less is more! If you have too much going on in your website (images, colors, words), simplify it! 



2. Take a few new headshots & lifestyle photos. 


Now is not the time to stop your marketing strategies. Keep them going, just be more sensitive to the days we are living and choose your images and words more carefully. Using photos of you and your family can help you to connect with your audience on a deeper level. So…

  • Set your camera on a tripod (or anywhere, like a table, chair, window…) and use the timer to take a few photos of you. If this is too much, use your phone!
  • Choose the best spot in your house with lots of natural light.
  • Take photos of your kids, your desk, your dog and etc… show the behind the scenes of how you guys are “surviving” these days.


Romantic Wedding Photographer in Lancaster, PA

3. Launch a print sale! 


A lot of people are now aware of how the COVID-19 outbreak is hurting small business. And a lot of them are asking how they can help… Offering a print and product sale can help you to have some extra income while providing your clients some tangible memories of their special day/occasion! Take the time to re-upload galleries if you need to. 

Send your clients an email offering a percentage off any prints and products when purchased in the next 2 weeks. 



4. Learn something new or finish that online class


Bought that online class and never finished? Create a simple strategy by adding at least 45 minutes per day to dedicate yourself to finish it. Use your kids nap time if needed and make sure you add a reminder to your phone!

You can also use these daily 45 minutes to practice something new and get better at it before the season starts. For example, go to your yard and practice shooting in harsh light, practice shooting wide open, practice OCF (off camera flash)… 

This is also a great time to book an online mentoring session. These sessions are great to help you achieve specific goals and make you move the needle into the right direction.  

 The possibilities are endless. Just make it happen!



5. Revisit/create workflows


This one is huuuuuge! I can seriously say that creating a workflow for my business changed my life and made me double my income a few years ago. I’m not exaggerating!!! 

Having a workflow in place will help you to stay sane and organized once the season starts again. It will also help you to offer a better client experience that makes couples RAVE about you!!! It’s a win-win!!! 

Think about working less hours, more effectively. Spending more time with your family AND getting referrals because you served your clients well!


Friends, there is much more you can do during this time. But, the most important thing right now is, to KEEP HOPE ALIVE! 

If you find yourself worrying, pick one item above and focus on it! Changing our perspective is a great way to stay calm and hopeful as we navigate these uncertain days. 

Please know I AM HERE FOR YOU!!! We’re in this together!!!

 If you need anything, send me an email at or send me a DM on Instagram: @julianatomlinsonphotography!!!


Stay safe and healthy! My prayers and thoughts are with you!!! 

Much love,




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