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How to use an Apple Watch on wedding days

For several years now photographers have been purchasing Apple Watches just to use them at weddings. I was definitely one of them. I bought my apple watch a few years ago with the intention of wearing it on wedding days to make my job easier. But, after intense research, I would always come up with a temporary solution that would eventually fail me throughout the wedding season.

I still remember the frustration of having everything “good to go” and then, when it was time to use the technology, it failed on me again and again. Eventually I even stopped charging my watch. And to be honest, there was a time that I didn’t even know where I had put it… This is how disappointed I was at it.

Buuut, if there’s one thing I am is determined! So I decided to give it one more try this year and I was determined to find something that actually works.

Aaaand ta-da!!!! I found it!!!!

How to use apple watch on weddings

I not only found something that works but I found a very easy solution for my needs! And this is what I am about to share with you!!!

I don’t know the ins and outs of your business, but for me, I normally use Google Docs to share the proposed timeline and family formal photo list with my clients so they can add comments directly on the document. I was working on Google Docs when I stumbled upon a Google platform/app/software called KEEP!

Keep is a free online solution where you can take notes, create checklists, add photos to notes and etc. When I saw it I had to give it a try. BEST.DECISION.EVER!!!


How to use a smart watch for photographers


So, how do I use it?


The first thing I did was to download the Keep App. It’s available for both iOS and Android. 

Once my client has approved the timeline, I simply open Keep, create a new note, copy and paste the timeline from Docs into Keep. Then I create a new Keep document in a checklist format. I copy the family formal photo list and then paste it into the checklist document. Keep automatically pastes every bullet from my Doc into a separate checklist.


The best part? When you open Google Docs, you can easily see the Keep icon on the right side of your screen. And you can open both at the same time. You don’t even need to move around,  opening different documents. All there!!! Once I’m done copying and pasting everything, I pin the 2 lists to the top and I make sure it’s syncing with my watch. 


How to use an Apple Watch on wedding days



That’s it!!! You’re good to go!

On wedding days I have both the timeline and the family formal available on my wrist. 


Wedding Family Formal LIst Sample

When it’s  time for family photos, I can do it all myself. I call each group by name and when I’m done, I can check that group off. Easy peasy! And I can send my 2nd shooter to cover cocktail hour without any problem!

That’s it friends, I hope this simple yet powerful way to use your apple watch on wedding days helps you to maximize your time and elevate your experience! And if you end up using my easy, proven system, let me know what you think! I would love to hear from you either way! 

Have a wonderful wedding season!!!

PS: If you need help with family formal photo list, you’ll can grab my very own list! Click below and stop stressing out family formals!!! 

Wedding Family Formal Photo List


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