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Juliana Tomlinson


May 10, 2019


Using You as Brand Recognition

We are all different, and that difference is what will attract or repel clients. When rebranding my business, I learned that whenever I posted personal photos my audience grew. That was a confirmation to me that I am my brand, I am what makes my business different from another. The deal breaker when booking a client is me and the experience I create.

Here are 2 simple tips I implemented that helped me attract more clients.

  1. Branding YOU on Social Media: 

You probably have heard about Instagram top 9. This refers to the top 9 squares showing on your page. If a client visits your instagram and doesn’t scroll down, that is where you can make your impression. My goal is to have a picture of me, my family, my dog… something personal in one of those 9 images. Whenever I post something personal, I get more likes and interactions. 

Don’t forget your Insta Stories too… My DMs increase significantly when I post personal stories. I had a bride book me at a consultation saying “I feel like I know you and your family, so I don’t need to think about it, I’m ready”. That was when I was sure the “brand yourself” strategy was working for me. 

2. Your face as your brand:

Use the same headshot across every medium and all over your online presence. By using the same picture on Facebook, Instagram, E-mail signature and etc, you are creating brand recognition, and that is your face. People are drawn to real faces more than logos. And by using your pictures and not a client for example, it’s like you are opening the door of your house when your guests arrive. It will make you connect easier and faster with your prospective clients. 

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