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February 25, 2019


What’s in My Camera Bag and How I Use My Gear

Hi there, friends!

After receiving so many messages asking what gear I use, what lens is my favorite, I decided to create this blog post for you.

Instead of just listing my gear, I will also tell you how I use my equipment when I am shooting. Hope this helps!

Camera Bodies

I have 2 cameras bodies, 1 Nikon D850 (my main body) and 1 Nikon D800 (my backup body). I always use both bodies on a wedding day, but when I shoot engagement sessions, my D800 stays in the car as a backup only.


35mm f1.4 – This is my newest addition! I love this lens. Not as much as I love my 85, but this lens is fantastic! It creates beautiful and sharp images and allows me to do so much on a wedding day. I do use my 35mm during bridal prep time, for some wide portraits of the bride and groom, for formals and bridal party wide shots and for dancing during the reception.

50mm f1.4 – This is a very versatile lens and if you can only invest in one lens, I would definitely recommend you start with a 50mm. If you are just starting out, you can shoot an entire wedding with this lens, if you need to. Even though I do think this is an amazing lens, it’s not my favorite.

I usually use the 50mm for receptions and for “wide” shots during an engagement session. I do occasionally use my 50 when the bride is getting ready.

85mm f1.4 – This is my favorite lens ever. I know a lot of photographers say that about the 50mm, but for me, if I could, I would shoot with the 85mm all day long. I will say that this lens is not as easy to set focus as my old 85mm f1.8, but still, this is my favorite.  I can really achieve my style with this lens. The color and the bokeh this lens produces is simply amazing. The focal length is not always ideal for a wedding day, but I use it for the majority of portrait time and quite a few times when the bride is getting ready. For engagement sessions I use this lens 85% of the time. I back up as far as I need to in order to keep using my 85mm.

105mm f2.8 – I use this lens primarily for detail shots. Sometimes it will see the light of day during the ceremony, but it’s very rare. Since this is a macro lens, it is ideal for shooting small items such as rings, earrings, jewelry, small portions of the invitation suite, cuff links etc.

Tamron 24-70mm f2.8 – This is the only non-Nikon lens in my collection. Although it’s a wonderful lens, I have to keep calibrating it often in order to keep its sharpness. I use this lens during the ceremony only. Sometimes, when I am in a very tight space I will pull it out of my bag, but it doesn’t happen often.

Again, this is a fantastic lens, but even though it shoots in large aperture (f2.8), to achieve my style I prefer to shoot in even larger apertures, around f2 and f2.2

70-200mm f2.8 – Ok, let’s talk about THE lens. I absolutely love what this lens can do, but I really dislike how heavy this lens actually is. It’s one of my fastest lens, so quick to focus and it creates a beautiful bokeh and the image colors are just a-ma-zing. But again, I don’t use it too often because it’s so heavy that after just a few shots my hands are hurting so badly. I do use it at every single wedding during the ceremony though. I can’t even think about shooting a ceremony without this lens. It allows me to zoom in very close as to not disturb the ceremony.


I cannot achieve my photographic style after sunset without the help of my flash system. I never bring my flashes to engagement sessions, but on a wedding day, I can’t survive without them. I have 1 SB-910 and 2 SB-700. On a wedding day, during the reception, I have 2 of them set off camera and one on camera.

Trigger & Receivers

Even though my flashes communicate with each other through the Nikon Creative System, I choose to use trigger and receivers. After my flashes, for some reason, stopped communicating on a wedding day, I decided to be over prepared and add the triggers. I use Yongnuo radio triggers and receivers and I really like how easy these are to use.

Light Stands

I have 2 light stands for my flash units, one with an umbrella and one without.


I do bring an umbrella to wedding days, and I will use it only at the beginning of the reception. As soon as the dance starts, the umbrella goes down.

Flash Mount Bracket

Since my trigger does not have a hot shoe, I use a flash mount bracket in order to have an on camera flash during the reception. 

Several Rechargeable batteries

The ones I use are the Eneloop from Panasonic.

Several SD Cards

I am always updating my cards and buying the fastest ones available. It’s a personal preference, but I only buy 32GB. I don’t know, in my mind it’s a way to keep it safe… if one of my cards suddenly stops working, at least I will not lose all the images from the day, since shooting on a 32GB forces  me to keep changing them often.


Brown Faux Leather Shoulder Tote from Jo Totes

Lowepro rolling bag

Regular woman’s tote

There you have it friends. I hope this helps!


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  1. Cindy says:

    Thank you for sharing this. The detail is perfect and I feel more confident after just reading this. 💖

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