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Juliana Tomlinson


February 21, 2019


Why I decided to rebrand

Since I started my business a little over six years ago, I knew I would want to someday take it full time. Last year, when the time came to finally take the step toward being a full time photographer, I knew I needed to evaluate my goals and wants in order to move forward.

I then decided to focus on weddings, became a wedding specialist, and stoped offering family and newborn photography services. Shooting weddings is my passion and is something that brings joy to my heart, so it was an easy decision for me.

I am absolutely proud of the business I am growing and the place I am today after all these years. However, my brand was still pointing back to the business model I had when I was offering all types of services. With all of the projects I had in mind, I knew that in order for me to grow I needed to rebrand.

In order for me to present my work in a way that truly represents what’s in my mind, a new and cohesive brand was necessary. Also, one of my main goals is to create an incredible experience for my brides, from inquiry to delivery. Redesigning my website is one of the steps I took to help my brides see what I am all about and to provide them with easy ways to get in touch with me.

Another reason why I decided to rebrand is to be able to start offering a space for photographers, a community for creatives! With my new brand and website, I will be able to provide fellow photographers tools that have helped me to grow. I am very passionate about helping others, and with my new brand I will be able to help more people, being them brides or creatives!

These are the main 2 reasons why I decided to rebrand. I am very excited to launch my new website on Monday, February 25th. I hope you love what you see once we launch! Mark your calendars and come back for more. I am working on some cool things that will be released very soon!

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