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November 27, 2019


3 Reasons Why You Should Invest In A Wedding Album

You chose your wedding photographer and now you need to decide which package is the right one for you. “Album or no album, that is the question”! This week I am sharing with you 3 reasons why you should opt for a package with a wedding album. Oh, and I am including a fourth reason as a bonus, just because there are so many good reasons why you should get a wedding album with your photography package!

So here goes…

Should I invest in Wedding Album?

1. It’s your legacy

I know that planning a wedding is not simple or cheap and you probably think that opting for the most expensive photography package is not what you should do. Even though wedding albums are costly, you should consider having one. Think about your children and your grandchildren, for example. Having a wedding album is a great way to tell your story, the love story of how your family began.

I remember tenderly as a child, my grandmother telling us stories from the past… telling us about family members that were no longer with us and telling us all about hers and grandpa’s young days. I had to imagine most of it, because unfortunately she did not have the pictures to illustrate her story. Nowadays we can easily illustrate every grandmother’s story. It makes me so happy to hand design wedding albums for my clients so one day their future generation can flip through the pages of their story.

2. Technology is fast changing

I don’t think I need to write much about this one. We all know how crazy fast technology is changing. Just a few years ago, when I got married, digital wedding photographers were proudly delivering the final images on a personalized DVD. Guess what? In order for me to access my images I had to buy an external disk drive to connect to my computer. Annnddd, I recently had to buy an adaptor to plug in the disk drive because my laptop no longer has a USB port.  Crazy! And I got married only 7 years ago…

Do I have to write about personalized USB drivers? I think you get the point!

3. Show off the result of months of planning

You planned your dream wedding for months. You spent several thousands of dollars on your special day. Why not show it off? Ok, you may say: “I did, I shared the images on social media”. I get that! While I am a huge fan of social media (hello, that’s the only way my Brazilian friends and family can see my daily life!), just as technology, we don’t know how long these websites will be available. You may not even remember, but just a few years ago Orkut was the popular social networking website where people were sharing pictures. And yes, you guessed it right.  It no longer exists!

Also, albums make for great coffee table decor at your new home! Guests can flip through the pages of your wedding album and relive one of the best days of your life. And those who were not there can see how beautiful and detailed your day was.

Lastly, most couples never end up printing their images if they don’t get it through their photographer. Life goes by so quickly and then one day you realize years have come and gone and you still haven’t designed and printed your album. By choosing a package with an album you guarantee to have your album just a few months after you say “I do”.

4. Quality, quality, quality

Ok this one is an extra reason why you should get a wedding album with your photographer. I can’t emphasize this enough… quality! You spent a huge chunk of your wedding budget on professional photography, why should you then print your images at a place that will not match the professional images you paid for? When you print (albums, regular print or products) through your photographer, you are ensuring that those beautiful images you downloaded will be printed on a paper with premier quality and color match. I’m talking about paper quality that will be guaranteed to last at least 100 years!

I hope this helps you when deciding which package is right for you. If you have any additional questions about albums and products, please send me an email and I will be more than happy to guide you through the printing process!


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