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Summer Engagement Session at Moonstone Manor

Do you know when you are lost and all of the sudden you find the right person to spend forever together? Well, that’s the story of Toni and Jeff! And no, they were not on their path to soul searching, they were literally lost trying to find their classroom on their sophomore year at Miami University in 2010.

When I asked the “how did you meet?” question, Toni told me that they were both lost and passed each other several times and she felt bashful every time Jeff passed in front of her because she had never seen such a cute boy! The “cute boy” was actually in her class and they became close friends.

You may think that I would now write “And they fell in love, he proposed and they lived happily ever after”… but no, a few years went by before that!

It wasn’t until after they graduated that they were officially together. Their 1st date was in 2015 in Cincinnati, where Toni was living at the time. They gave the long distance relationship a chance, and after a year, Toni moved to Cleveland to be in the same city as Jeff! And after dating for 2 years, they moved to Harrisburg for Jeff’s residency.

As you can imagine, their wedding next year will bring people from different states to celebrate their love, and this is what they are most excited about.

“I like our story because it has been such a long time coming. We have known each other for so long but in college the timing just didn’t work out for us. I think it’s funny that we took some time apart (I even dated other people) and we ultimately ended up together. I was living in Cincinnati when we first started to date, and after about a year I moved to Cleveland to be in the same city as Jeff. We lived together in Cleveland for 2 years, and then we moved to Harrisburg for Jeff’s residency. We have been through so many changes together and there’s nobody else that I’d rather explore life with!”

Toni and Jeff, you two are proof that when it supposed to be, time may pass but nothing can stop a true love story from happening! And I feel so privileged to be the one you chose to register your love and your I DO! I can’t wait to return to Moonstone Manor next year to photograph your summer wedding day and the big party with your family and friends! I know it will be amazing and filled with joy and loved ones!!!

Thank you for spending time with me last Sunday during your engagement session! Here are a few of my favorite images!!! Enjoy!!! 


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