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Juliana Tomlinson


June 3, 2020


Decorating the Mr. & Mrs. Table on your wedding day

If I was asked to choose one decoration for every wedding from now until forever I would definitely say flowers… without a doubt!

But let’s quickly talk about flower arrangements for the Mr. & Mrs. table (head table or sweetheart table… or anything you decide to have!)

As I said, I absolutely LOVE flowers and I’m in favor of “the more the merrier” when it comes to wedding flowers. However, when you are deciding what should go on your table on your wedding day, think about one thing: Will we be able to see people and will people be able to see us?

Think about that when you design the bride and groom table. Keep in mind that in order for your photographer to register your reactions during the toast, it’s best if there’s nothing blocking your faces. 

Here are a few suggestions you may like when designing the decor for your table:


Use a floral runner

Sweetheart Table at Wyndridge Farm


Use low centerpieces

Maid of honor Toast


Hang floral arrangements above your heads


Bring the ceremony arbor with the floral arrangements inside and place it behind your table


If you are repurposing your bouquets for decoration, consider using it laying on the table instead of placing it in a tall vase

The Ballroom at Ellis Preserve Wedding Reception


Above all, I suggest that you bring the subject to your wedding planner and florist. I’m sure they will have some additional ideas that will be gorgeous and functional at the same time. 

Just keep in mind, Will we be able to see people and will people be able to see us?”  Even though your guests will be sitting all over your wedding reception hall, you can always connect with them from far away if they can see you and you can see them. 

Also, I’m sure you will love to see both of your reactions to toasts and speeches when you receive your final gallery!

Hope this helps! Happy Wedding Planning!!!



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