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Juliana Tomlinson


June 23, 2020


Eight ideas to honor your late loved ones on your wedding day

I know that speaking of those who have passed before us can be hard sometimes. Especially when they will not be there to witness your I do on your wedding day. 

But what if you could do something to honor your late loved ones on your wedding day in a way that can bring you peace and joy?

Today I want to share with you 8 ideas on how you can honor the deceased on one of the best days of your life!



1. Wear a family heirloom that belonged to themIdeas to honor the deceased on wedding day

Think about a piece of jewelry that is timeless, like pearls… or if what you have is not timeless, you can pin it on your bouquet or under your dress or inside of your groom’s jacket.

One of my brides once cut a piece of her grandmother’s wedding dress into a heart shape and sewed it inside of the dress, near to her heart. It was so sweet!

PS: This can also be your something old.



2. Reserve a seat and place a flower and/or their photo on itHonoring loved ones on wedding day

You can reserve a few seats at your ceremony location and place their photo or simply lay  a flower on them. Either way are great ways to remember that your loved ones may not be there in person, but they are there watching over you! 

Memorial for relatives on weddings


3. Dance to their favorite song at your reception 

During your reception, ask the DJ to announce that the next dance is your loved one’s favorite song and you’d like to invite everyone to dance in their honor. It could be a slow dance or a very happy one!!! The idea here is to get up and dance to celebrate the beautiful life of your loved ones!

4. Offer a signature drink or dessert in their honor

Do you know their favorite drink or dessert? You could offer your guests a signature drink and dessert in their honor. 

You can also add a small sign at the bar or dessert table mentioning their names or something special. For example: “Take a tequila shot for John” or “Remembering our sweet Anna”


5. Donate to their favorite charity

Another idea is to make a donation to their favorite charity in their name. You can make the donation yourself and/or ask your guests to donate instead of bringing gifts. 

If you know beforehand how much will be (or was) donated, make a small card and place it on your guests’ seat so they know how they too contributed to the cause. 


6. Release balloons or lanterns Linwood Estate Wedding photography

This idea may be one of my favorites! You can release balloons or lanterns after the ceremony or after the reception. You can include your guests or make it more intimate, with just you and your then husband. Your choice!

Honoring late relatives on wedding day


7. Add a small photo of them on your bouquet Bridal bouquet with late relatives on wedding day

If you prefer something more traditional, this idea and the next one will fit your style better. You can purchase a small picture frame, print their photos and ask your florist to incorporate the photo frames into your bouquet. 


8. Create a memory table on your reception 

Choose a bunch of picture frames that match your wedding theme and print the photos of your late loved ones and display them during your reception, creating a memory table. If you have it, you can also choose their own wedding photos to be displayed in the frames! 


There you have it, eight ideas you can incorporate into your wedding day to honor those who have gone before us. 

I know it’s hard to say I DO without them there, but allow yourself to celebrate your special day while you celebrate the beautiful life your loved ones lived!!! 

Happy Wedding Planning!!!


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