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July 9, 2020


How to always know what to write on your blog posts

Raise your hands if you have ever skipped a blog post because you didn’t know what to write? Well, you and me both, friends! (And possibly several photographers you know too!) I don’t think I need to say that blogs are not dead and in fact they are still very relevant to grow a business in 2020 as they were back then, right?

But I’ll say it anyway… friends, blogs are a great way to keep your audience engaged, to establish yourself as an authority figure in your industry and, last but not least, a great way to use SEO in your favor. 

So now that we all know that blogs are still important, let’s get back to the most important part: writing them! 

Today I want to share with you my simple way to write blog posts for EVERY session and wedding I shoot and the best part, it doesn’t take me long at all!

So here it goes…

Answer questions!!! Yep, that’s it… bye…

Just kidding, but not kidding… If you know the right questions to ask yourself when writing your blog posts, all you have to do is write the answers to those questions!


Tips to write engagement session blog post


And if you are writing about their wedding day, you can still use the questions above and add a few more, like:


Tips to write wedding blog post


You can write your blog post as long or as short as you want, up to you (and to your SEO strategy!). You can answer all questions above or just a few. I usually answer just a few of them. I pick and choose what I think is more relevant to the couple I’m writing about. 

After I answer some of the questions above, I always end with a note to the couple. Something personal.

Also, If I’m writing about their engagement session, I add their wedding venue name and link to it too, so I can start ranking on the venue’s search. If I’m writing about their wedding day, I talk about how I felt working with them and I also add the link to their engagement session, so their guests can see both sessions (great for marketing and for SEO as you keep people on your website longer!)


There you have it, friends! Now… raise your hands if you’ll no longer use “I don’t know what to write” as an excuse to not blog!!! I hope you all have your hands up! Hehe


But if you still need a little nudge, you can get my Questionnaire Template Collection! You’ll get immediate access to my proven system to write blog posts with ease!!!

Find the exact way of how I get all of these questions answered by my own couples before their engagement session and wedding day. With their own answers in hand, writing their blog posts gets a thousand times easier… EVERY.SINGLE.TIME!!!


Get your Questionnaire Template Collection HERE!


Hope this helps! Leave a comment below sharing how you’re planning to use these tips!!!


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