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September 22, 2020


Kate & Jordan | Ridley Creek Park Engagement

Do you know when people say, there’re no coincidences? Well, I must say that more than never I now believe in this truth! 

You see, I was booked for 10/10/20, then, with the pandemic, one of the most popular dates of the year became available on my calendar. Of course, I questioned it and was sad to no longer have a wedding on that date… but little did I know that October 10, 2020 was reserved for Kate and Jordan!

It’s funny how God works… I never book weddings in a small window of time, but after a few warm emails exchange and a facetime call, I became officially Kate and Jordan’s wedding photographer, YAY!

They found me through a friend and to be honest, when we met at Ridley Creek Park for their engagement session last Sunday, I felt like I knew them for a while. 

Kate has this large and welcoming smile that will make you feel so comfortable around her (no wonder why Jordan fell in love with her!) And the way Jordan looks at her melts every heart in the room!

What a wonderful time we had together! I loved capturing this special moment in their lives! I cannot wait to see them again in just a few short weeks!!!

For now, enjoy the highlights of their gorgeous engagement session!


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