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February 11, 2020


Saying yes to THE dress

How to choose your wedding dress

Finding the perfect gown is high on a bride’s to-do-list, but all of the options out there can be overwhelming! So how to start the search for your wedding gown?

I suggest that you start on Pinterest or Instagram to find what styles stand out to you. Having inspiration photos saved will help stylists see what you are looking for and envisioning for your special day when you visit a bridal boutique. Think about the theme, the venue, and the overall vibe you want for your wedding when pinning/saving photos.

After looking at all the options the internet has to offer and start narrowing down your favorite looks, I highly recommend that you stay open minded!

For example, some brides come into Posh with their folder of favorite gowns and leave having purchased a completely different style, and that’s okay! You never really know what a gown will look like until you have it on.  And remember, most gowns will look better when tried on than displayed on the hanger, so don’t be too quick to judge!


It’s never too early to start the search…

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As soon as possible throughout the wedding planning process, brides should start shopping for their gown. Here at Posh we recommend no later than 8 months from their wedding day. This allows enough time for the dress to come in, which can take up to 6 months. And keep in mind that you will also need time to have your gown altered to fit you perfectly. So the sooner the better!

But it is so important for brides to also know that they can find their dress at ANY point in time.

Another good thing to keep in mind is that you don’t have to go to 8 or 10 different stores. If you find a dress that you love, you shouldn’t hesitate! A lot of times brides are concerned they are missing out on other dresses, but what ends up happening is they try on 100 dresses and then get confused, making the final decision much harder.

Saying yes to THE dress…

Wedding Dress inspiration

If you try on a gown and you feel confident, beautiful, maybe even sexy, and overall like a bride, then it doesn’t matter that someone else in the room thinks the last gown looked better.

Budget do matter…

You should say yes to the dress that checks off all of your boxes… including budget! We’ve seen it time and time again, brides and their moms come in and say “budget doesn’t matter” or “we just want to find the right dress”, but when in reality it’s more like, “the right dress will be under $3,000”.

I understand you want to try on every single dress “just to have an idea”, but you can easily fall in love with a $6000 gown that is above your budget. Trying on a gown that is over what you are able to afford can be very disappointing and leave you feeling defeated. So yes, you should come in for a consultation with a budget in mind.


Who should you bring with you when choosing your dress?

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We get it ladies, “squad” is everything, but the entire squad does not need to be there when you try on wedding dresses. We suggest no more than 5 tag-alongs. Too many opinions can be overwhelming and make your decision-making even harder. We’ve seen it!

For example, a bride may be on the fence about a gown, but her mom, grandma, mother-in-law, all 6 of her bridesmaids, and that one random work friend, say she looks gorgeous and that one is definitely THE dress. She then says yes…

Five months later when the dress arrives she hates it… all because she didn’t know it wasn’t the dress she wanted because she couldn’t see past the compliments those 10 people were giving her during her appointment!

See why it’s important to hand choose who you’ll bring to your appointment?

We suggest you bring your mother or mother figure, mother-in-law, sister(s), maid/matron of honor, and/or that one friend whose opinion you trust and appreciate!

You will know you found THE dress when it checks all the boxes. Do you feel confident? Comfortable? You don’t want to take the dress off? Can’t stop thinking about it and comparing other gowns to it?

And most importantly, can you see yourself walking down the aisle in this gown? Do you feel like a beautiful bride while wearing it?

If so, then it’s time to say “yes” to the dress!

Choosing the best wedding dress


POSH is a couture award winning bridal shop located in Lancaster, PA, serving brides from in Harrisburg, Baltimore, Philadelphia, and surrounding areas. They offer an unique curated collection of wedding dresses from around the globe. 

CHALEY SHAVER is a Fashion Stylist at Posh, dog mom of 2, York College Graduate, Baking extraordinaire, future Mrs. Bulla, abstract artist, Florida raised. You can reach Chayley at Find more information about Posh Bridal on the website Follow them on Instagram: @poshbridallanc

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