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Juliana Tomlinson


April 28, 2020


Should you Skip your Engagement Session to Save Money?

Engagement session tips


I want to start by saying that I get it, weddings are expensive and you probably didn’t know about the price tags until you started planning yours. 


I still remember planning my own wedding as I was finishing up college, paying for my immigration change of status (hmm just a hint, it’s not cheap!) and bringing my mom over for the wedding.


Yeah I really get it that you would like to save money whenever possible… I’ve walked in your shoes before!


But today I want to explain to you why you should not skip your engagement session in hopes to save money. There are several reasons I could bring to you today, but let’s focus on the two main ones.

Wedding at The Start Barn


1. You’re only each other’s fiancés for a short period of time

It doesn’t  matter if you’re having a long or short engagement period. You’re only each other’s fiancés for a small period of time (especially when compared to your forever together!!!)


You should celebrate and register this time in your lives!!! 


You can also use the images from your session as save the dates, shower and wedding decor and/or create a wedding guest book sign-in!

The images you’ll get will surely help you to tell the story of your love!

Classic and Romantic Wedding Photographer


2. Think about your engagement session as a rehearsal for your wedding day

This-is-so-important!!! I can’t emphasize it enough! Your engagement session is most likely the first time you’ll be in front of your photographer’s camera. This is a great way to see first hand how she/he works.

For me, for example, I take the time throughout the engagement session to teach my couples all my secrets and tips for natural looking photos. I teach them my posing system AND I get to connect with them and learn what works best for them. And because of this time we have together, I’m able to better serve them on their wedding day!

During the engagement session we’ll have about 2h to walk together, to talk and to “practice” for the wedding day. 

On wedding days, everything goes by soooo quickly and because of the trust and connection we formed throughout the engagement session, when we only have about 30 minutes for portraits, we’ll be able to move fast and yet not miss anything… And when I look at your future groom and say “go ahead and nuzzle, please”, he’ll know exactly what to do!!! 


Light and Romantic Wedding Photography in Hershey, PA

Do you see how important and how much value an engagement session holds?

Most photographers nowadays include them as a complimentary gift or as a booking bonus because of the value these sessions hold for both couples and photographers (hint: not monetary value!)

Now that you know it, make sure you have an engagement session!!! I promise you you won’t regret it!!!!


Lancaster Wedding Photographer

If you have any questions about an engagement session or want to know how we can work together, send me an email through the contact tab on my website (or send it to


There are many ways you can save money and if you’re interested in learning more about How to Budget For Your Wedding, Click HERE to read a great blog post about budgets! 

Happy Wedding Planning!!!


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